China Applauds Joe Biden's 'Chill' Beijing Policy

China Applauds Joe Biden's 'Chill' Beijing Policy

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper applauded President Joe Biden on Wednesday for allegedly having “more scruples than the Trump administration” and adopting a “chill” foreign policy, hours before Biden used his first address to Congress to boast of his close relationship with dictator Xi Jinping.

The Global Times nonetheless attempted to argue that Biden had not significantly drifted away from the status quo under predecessor Donald Trump, claiming Chinese popular sentiment towards Biden ranged from “extremely disappointed” to “barely satisfactory.”

Biden largely disregarded foreign policy during his address on Wednesday, the first of its kind since his inauguration in January. To the extent that he discussed China, he claimed extreme domestic spending policies were meant partially to engage China in “competition” that would be impossible without large-scale government involvement.

The Global Times published its assessment of Biden’s “predictable, yet more chill” policy towards China on the occasion of his 100th day

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