Chick-fil-A sauce sparks grocery store attack: report

Chick-fil-A sauce sparks grocery store attack: report

People have strong feelings about this sauce.

Authorities arrested a man in Kansas after he allegedly attacked a grocery store worker. According to reports, the suspect was upset over a disagreement regarding Chick-fil-A sauce.

James Adam Hirsh got into an argument with an employee at a Dillons grocery store in Wichita last Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. The suspect reportedly punched the worker after being told to leave the store.

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According to reports, Hirsh allegedly drove his car toward an area where workers were standing in front of the store before speeding off. He was reportedly arrested the following day.

A witness said that incident was caused after Hirsh became angry that the store was selling Chick-fil-A’s sauce, the Wichita Eagle reports. The news outlet, however, also reported that local authorities stated that the altercation was sparked by a disagreement over the sauce but would not confirm the specific nature of the sauce.

The Associated Press reports that there has been a shortage of Chick-fil-A sauce

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