Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Thanksgiving Lockdown

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Orders Thanksgiving Lockdown

The second round of lockdowns is beginning as Democrat officials move to put citizens in their cities and states back under involuntary house arrest prior to a national order if Joe Biden is installed. 

On Thursday, one of the nation’s worst mayors issued a stay-at-home order for Chicago residents, a decree that will force the cancellation of traditional Thanksgiving gatherings and clobber businesses during the critical holiday season.  


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With the media ratcheting up the fear level based on an increase in COVID cases, there is a renewed opportunity for authoritarian Democrats to flex their muscles by cracking down on beleaguered citizens who still haven’t recovered from the first lockdowns. 

Mayor Lightfoot made her announcement at a news conference: “Now more than ever we need to step up” while making a doomsday prediction that 1,000 deaths will occur if her orders are not heeded.

And just

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