Chicago Bears' Cordarelle Patterson Delivers F-Bomb on Nickelodeon

Chicago Bears' Cordarelle Patterson Delivers F-Bomb on Nickelodeon

Kid’s cable channel Nickelodeon broadcast its first F-bomb Sunday thanks to the Chicago Bears’ Cordarelle Patterson and a ref’s open mic.

Patterson delivered the word during the Bears-Saints wild-card matchup after being called for running on the sideline without attempting to get back on the field after being pushed out of bounds. He was handed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

As he stood on the field, Patterson listened to ref Alex Kemp pass his judgment. But before the ref turned off his mic, Patterson had a critique of his own to voice.

Just audible over Kemp’s mic, Patterson can be heard saying, “What the f*ck?”

Cordarelle Patterson dropped the F-Bomb on Nickelodeon. Legend 😂

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— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) January 11, 2021

If the folks at Nickelodeon had their way, Patterson would likely have gotten slimed for that.

The outburst briefly became the talk of Twitter:

Excited for

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