Check Out President Trump’s WILD Stock Market Performance

Check Out President Trump’s WILD Stock Market Performance

Who doesn’t love making money?

Before President Trump ever took office he was a super successful businessman. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the stock market reported record high gains during his time in The White House!

There are some people who will tell you that the market made record gains when Biden took office, but markets almost ALWAYS stabilize when uncertainty becomes certainty.

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Basically, it means Biden didn’t cause the market to go up, and I am pretty sure his horrible policies are only going to bring the whole thing crashing down again.

Take a look:

2/16/21 update:

After 28 days of their respective presidencies, #Trump has doubled the advantage he holds on the Dow.#Nasdaq: +1.5% Biden (-1.4%)#Dow Jones: +2.6% Trump (Trump +1.3%)
S&P 500: +0.2% Trump (Trump +1.1%)

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— Facts First (@FactsRFirst) February 16, 2021

REPORT: President Trump Oversaw the Greatest NASDAQ Market Increase of the

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