Chase Claypool Makes Insane Catch Against The Giants

Chase Claypool Makes Insane Catch Against The Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool made an absurd catch Monday night against the New York Giants.

During the 26-16 win, Claypool snagged a ball right on the sideline as he was falling out of bounds, and managed to drag his toes for the catch. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Through week one, it might be the best catch we’ve seen so far. Give it a watch below.

CHASE CLAYPOOL ARE YOU SERIOUS ???? @ChaseClaypool @steelers

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— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) September 14, 2020

I know we’re only a week into the NFL season, but that’s a hell of a catch. It’s not just that he made it going out of bounds, but it’s how he made it.

Stop and think about the level of body control you need in order to make a play like that.

Claypool caught the ball as he dragged his feet to make sure they’d be inbounds and the play would count. For a rookie, it’s not too bad at all.

If it’s a sign of things to come, then the Steelers found a real one in Claypool.

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