Charles Hurt: Trump Is Back, And He Ain't Backing Down

Charles Hurt: Trump Is Back, And He Ain't Backing Down

Donald Trump is back.

And he was on FIRE on Sunday night in Dallas.

If you missed it, check it out on C-SPAN archives. You won’t find it on any of the big tech companies’ platforms. They have already ghosted it.

That is how good President Trump’s speech was.

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Like frogs boiling in water, America has been lulled into accepting incomprehensible gibberish from a doddering old coot shuffling behind a podium bearing the White House seal. The “new normal” is a fossilized old swamp gargoyle fumbling through notes to answer a simple question about Russia from a soda jerk in an ice cream parlor.

American leadership has been defanged and replaced by a set of loose dentures incapable of commanding a cone of soft-serve ice cream — a president whose Secret Service code name is “Silver Alert.”

But the Devil in Dallas is back! And in full form — reminding us

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