Charles Hurt: A Warning to Trump--and His Supporters--About Complacency

Charles Hurt: A Warning to Trump–and His Supporters–About Complacency

President Trump’s reelection campaign issued a “memorandum on enthusiasm” Sunday outlining the very “real and wide” gap in enthusiasm between Mr. Trump’s campaign and that of Joe Biden.

Among his never-die supporters, Mr. Trump is at historic highs for a president seeking reelection while enthusiasm for Mr. Biden is near historic lows.

And this yawning gap is precisely how Mr. Trump could lose this year’s election.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of the republic rests on Mr. Trump’s ability to clear away all distractions so that he can devote every waking moment between now and Nov. 3 to getting himself reelected. How does such enthusiasm superiority among Trump supporters hurt Mr. Trump’s reelection campaign, you ask?

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Several ways. The first and most obvious way is that it breeds complacency among Trump voters.

The case for Mr. Trump’s reelection is clearly obvious to his supporters. Mr. Trump has a concrete record of economic successes during his first three years in office that

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