ChainSwap Loses $8 Million In Second Exploit

ChainSwap Loses $8 Million In Second Exploit

ChainSwap has experienced another exploit in what has turned out to be a terrifying month for the exchange. The platform which acts as a bridge for assets had succumbed to an exploit earlier this month, and now, only eight days later, ChainSwap has succumbed to another exploit. This time, the attacker made away with $8 million before it was shut down.

The attack was carried out using the token ASAP, affecting a wide variety of tokens and projects in the process. The ChainSwap team had taken to Twitter to warn their users to not purchase the platform’s native ASAP token for the time being while the team carried out their investigation into the hack.

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The exploit led to some coins like WILD losing almost all of their value, before promptly recovering back up. The price of WILD had fallen 99.8 percent following the attack but the price

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