Chad Wolf Reinstalled as Acting DHS Chief

Chad Wolf Reinstalled as Acting DHS Chief

The administration has quietly reinstalled Chad Wolf as acting secretary of the homeland defense agency, following a judge’s declaration on September 11 that he was improperly installed.

The legal maneuver may help protect many recent DHS rules and policies from many lawsuits that have been filed by pro-migration advocates and business groups.

The maneuver was described in a September 11 statement to a judge in New York, just after a federal judge in Maryland invalidated a DHS directive on the grounds that Wolf had been improperly installed as the acting DHS secretary:

As DHS has consistently explained, Acting Secretary Wolf is serving lawfully under the HSA, and under valid orders altering the DHS order of succession issued by Ms. Nielsen and Mr. McAleenan. But DHS recognizes that ongoing challenges to Acting Secretary Wolf’s service risk an unnecessary “distraction to the mission of the Department of Homeland Security.” Ex. 6, Order Designating

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