Central bank digital currencies are dead in the water

Central bank digital currencies are dead in the water

Mark my words: Governments and central banks will never care about your wealth and your privacy as much as you do. That reality is exactly why central bank digital currencies are dead in the water already.

They say if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s exactly what CBDCs are attempting to do. They want to join the party that is cryptocurrency without actually giving their citizens the privacy and democratic freedom a truly decentralized digital currency provides.

In a recent article, I made the argument that regulation and law enforcement are a necessary part of crypto truly going mainstream. I definitely believe that, but that’s not what CBDCs are going to accomplish.

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CBDCs won’t decentralize wealth. They won’t decentralize power or ownership or control of funds. They won’t give individuals oversight or sovereignty over the value in their wallets.

The institutions creating these CBDCs will openly and outwardly promote the virtues of their innovation and their ability to

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