Census reapportionment likely helps GOP, but only slightly

Census reapportionment likely helps GOP, but only slightly

Changes in how many congressional representatives each state gets for 2022 and beyond appear to benefit Republicans — but only a little.

Redistricting fights to come will be much more influential in determining which party has an edge in “safe” congressional districts.

The Census Bureau revealed on Monday that as a result of the 2020 counting of the population, reapportionment of the 435 House seats means losses of districts in mostly Democratic-leaning states and gains in mostly Republican-leaning states. A total of seven seats are shifting: California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia will lose one seat each, while Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Montana, and North Carolina will gain one seat each, and Texas will gain two.

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Election analysts generally think that the shifting of seven seats could result in a small net boost for Republicans with the creation of more Republican-friendly seats in red states. That could mean a two- or three-seat

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