CDC Official: Mask Mandates Are 'Powerful' Part of 'Arsenal'

CDC Official: Mask Mandates Are 'Powerful' Part of 'Arsenal'

Marty Cetron, director for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, defended the health agency’s federal mask mandate on Thursday, describing masks as a “powerful” part of their “arsenal.”

Speaking to Reuters, Cetron reiterated that the agency’s “current position” is to keep the federal mask mandate, which requires travelers to wear masks on modes of public transportation, including planes and trains, despite mounting calls from lawmakers to end the practice.

“Masks are really powerful and we should make sure they’re part of our arsenal,” Cetron said. “We mask not just to protect ourselves – we mask because it’s the way we take care and express our concern for each other.”

The CDC official attempted to attribute the standing mandate as a means to protect the unvaccinated, describing them as “extremely vulnerable.”

“I get we’re all just over this emotionally but I

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