CDC Director: School Is ‘One of the Safest Places’ Kids Can Be

CDC Director: School Is ‘One of the Safest Places’ Kids Can Be

Pushing back against the efforts of local leaders in cities such as New York City to slam the door on in-person learning, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield said Thursday that America’s children belong in schools.

Schools in major cities such as Chicago and San Francisco have said they will not be open for in-person learning for the year. Early results have indicated that learning is being negatively impacted by these decisions.

During a task force briefing, Vice President Mike Pence said the Trump administration opposes closing schools.

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“[I]t is the position of this task force, of this administration and of the CDC that we do not need to close our schools,” he said, noting that the CDC has never recommended closing schools.

“The more we’ve learned about this virus, the more it’s simply affirmed that. We think our kids belong in the classroom. We’re absolutely committed

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