Carville: 'Wokeness' Is the Politics of the Faculty Lounge -- 'Just Idiotic'

Carville: 'Wokeness' Is the Politics of the Faculty Lounge — 'Just Idiotic'

Saturday on CNN’s “Smerconish,” Democratic strategist James Carville followed up on an interview he conducted with the left-leaning website Vox last month, warning Democrats about the dangers of overreaching on the so-called “woke” culture.

Carville described the woke phenomenon as “politics of the faculty lounge.”

“First of all, it sounds — I call it the politics of the faculty lounge, and in my view, if you want to — in politics, you should speak the language of the people,” he said. “You should speak clear, direct English and address people as they address each other, not like the humanities department at Amherst wants you to address everybody.”

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According to the veteran political media personality, the approach will not motivate an electorate to win elections.

“Most of the people that are enthused by this kind of dialogue live in Boston or Manhattan or Washington, but we’re going to

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