Caruzo: Venezuela to Sell Businesses Stolen by Socialist Government

Caruzo: Venezuela to Sell Businesses Stolen by Socialist Government

CARACAS, Venezuela – Dictator Nicolás Maduro has begun the process to formally allow for the sale of businesses stolen from their rightful owners under socialism, a move he claims necessary in the face of global sanctions on his regime.

Maduro presented the project, which he is calling the “anti-blockade” law, in late September. The “law” would expand Maduro’s power to sell businesses the government owns, many of which were once successful under private ownership but have since rotted into insolvency thanks to socialist mismanagement.

The project was introduced to the socialist regime’s illegal National Constituent Assembly for its immediate debate and approval, a last-minute act for the controversial and illegitimate parallel legislative body implemented to supersede the opposition-led legislative branch and to rewrite the constitution — something they never ended up doing.

While the regime’s media apparatus boasts – with typical vitriol for the United States – that the law

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