Cape Cod’s Largest Hospital Gets Bitcoin Donations Worth $800K

Cape Cod’s Largest Hospital Gets Bitcoin Donations Worth $800K

One of Cape Cod’s largest hospitals received two bitcoin donations this year totaling $800,000 in value. The Massachusetts-based not-for-profit medical centre (NPO), Cape Cod Healthcare, explained that an anonymous donor donated $400k last Friday and the NPO received a $400k bitcoin donation last month as well.

Cape Cod Healthcare Gets $800K in Bitcoin Donations

The hospital Cape Cod Healthcare (CCHC) is considered one of the leading providers of healthcare services in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This week, the NPO told the Boston Globe staff member Anissa Gardizy that it received two bitcoin (BTC) donations worth $800,000.

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CCHC’s senior vice president and chief development officer, Christopher Lawson, said the donor wished to remain anonymous and sent an email last month asking the hospital to accept BTC donations. Lawson said the donor had helped CCHC before the two crypto donations, and had just recently asked if the hospital would accept his BTC gift.

Lawson told Gardizy that before accepting the donation, the

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