CANDACE OWENS: The Democrat Party Is A Death Cult

CANDACE OWENS: The Democrat Party Is A Death Cult

Every time I’m at home ranting about a headline, asking ‘why is the left doing this?’ My husband says the same thing: it’s because they’re a death cult. I’ve never actually paused to try to understand why he says that over and over again. In fact, I often assumed that he was making a Star Wars analogy. (My husband — like most husbands — loves Star Wars.)

Last week, after I was ranting about something new, he once more referred to the Left as a death cult, and I finally asked him to explain what he meant. And I was surprised by his response. Right now in this country, he said, it’s difficult to make sense of the left’s mania. It’s like they’re social pyromaniacs. They’re starting fires everywhere, for no reason, just to watch everything burn. 

Gender, burn it down. Men can be women. Women can be men. 

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Masculinity, oh that’s toxic. We can’t have any more masculinity. That’s bad. Burn

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