Canada’s post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 spike could be warning for US

Canada’s post-Thanksgiving COVID-19 spike could be warning for US

As Thanksgiving approaches, our neighbors to the north are serving up a cautionary tale alongside the turkey and cranberry sauce: The coronavirus does not take holidays off.

After celebrating Thanksgiving on Oct. 12, Canada saw a pronounced uptick in new COVID-19 infections.

Two weeks after the holiday, the seven-day rolling average of positive tests in the country rose from 2,376 to 2,823, according to a Time analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.

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By Nov. 10, the seven-day average had soared to 4,401, despite measures in some provinces to shut down indoor dining and movie theaters around the same time as the holiday.

“Although we didn’t see a huge surge in the number of cases in Ontario and Quebec, what’s actually striking is that we didn’t see the decrease that you would have expected to see as a result of those lockdown measures,” Dr. Matthew Oughton, assistant professor of medicine at McGill University and attending physician in the infectious diseases

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