Can Democrats Nominate A Radical Leftist And Defeat Trump? It’s Unlikely


The latest 2020 polls released by the New York Times and Siena College indicate that the country may not be so ready for socialism as the Left’s base believes. The polls indicate not only that Trump is still very much a competitor in the six battleground states he captured in 2016—including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina—but also that “wokeness” is having a tough time selling itself in fairly contentious purple states.

As the New York Times reports, these latest polls, when combined with other data, indicate that Trump’s advantage in the electoral college (as opposed to the popular vote) hasn’t diminished and may have even increased, leading to the possibility of Trump being re-elected without winning the popular vote. When this scenario unfolded in November of 2016, Democrats predictably responded to the loss with calls to eliminate the electoral college.

While each of the discrepancies discussed here are within the margin of error for the individual

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