Cameroonian asylum-seekers accuse US of forcing deportation

Cameroonian asylum-seekers accuse US of forcing deportation

A group of asylum-seekers from Cameroon facing deportation back to their conflict-ridden country say they were pressured with force by U.S. immigration officers to sign their deportation paperwork, and that they and a slew of others facing an imminent return flight are at risk of persecution and death.

The eight men recounted their experiences in a complaint filed by a number of immigrant advocate groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

“Officers grabbed me, forced me on the ground, and pepper sprayed my eyes. They handcuffed me,” said a man identified in the complaint as C.A., who went on to add that an officer broke his finger.

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“I was crying, ‘I need to talk to my attorney,’ and I said, ‘They are going to kill me.’”

The man said his fingerprint was forced onto the paperwork needed for his deportation back to Cameroon. The other men’s

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