California Prof Tries To Shift Blame From Leftist Dumpster Fire For ‘Californiapocalypse’


In “Can You Still #Resist When Your State’s On Fire? A postcard from the Californiapocalypse,” Amy Wilentz, a journalist, writer, and English professor at the University of California, Irvine, details for The New York Times a truthy series of myths about California’s fiery, electric-less travails.

She establishes her credentials at the onset by letting her readers in far off Manhattan and in the more enlightened boroughs along the coasts know that she moved to California 17 years ago. That would be 2002.

Then, she said, “the very best argument people could summon for living here was the weather.” She goes on to gravely observe that California’s “weather events have definitely changed since I moved here in 2002. The droughts are longer and more severe, and when the rain does come, it falls for days in torrents that can and do cause fire-blighted topsoil to flood downhill in life-threatening mudslides, and then, as the seasons turn, come the fires again, blown by fierce and shifting winds.”

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