Cal Thomas: We Just Passed the Turning Point on the National Debt

Cal Thomas: We Just Passed the Turning Point on the National Debt

“Debt is the worst poverty.” — Thomas Fuller, 17th-century English churchman and historian

No reporter asks about it. The candidates don’t talk about it. Are voters even concerned about it?

The unmentioned “it” is the national debt, which days ago reached $27 trillion and continues to grow like an untreated tumor on the economic body of the nation.

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At least one group is trying to get the public’s attention about how dangerous the national debt is to the future of the country. It is the newly formed Millennial Debt Commission, a civilian-led commission working toward a framework for long-term deficit reduction, made up of “20 millennial business leaders from across the country.”

The MDC recently held a conference call with current and former members of Congress (all Republicans, unfortunately, since the debt is equally the fault of both parties) and former government officials.

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