Buttigieg Admits Mask Mandates are “Matter of Respect” not Science

Buttigieg Admits Mask Mandates are “Matter of Respect” not Science

Many people miss the Obama administration. The daily lectures about how you were supposed to live your life, and the mansplaining. My favorite was witnessing the worldwide apology tour. That had real Rolling Stones vibes.

After four years with President Trump, we nearly forgot how to live life according to liberal’s opinions. Under Trump, we were free-thinking, independent citizens.

Thankfully, Joseph Biden has assembled his band of merry men and women to bring back the good old days of liberal oppression.

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One of those morally superior leaders that Joe has placed over us is Pete Buttigieg. He’s our transportation secretary. The man has no experience in transportation. His only claim to fame is being mayor of a town of 100,000 people.

Mayor Pete is now in charge of the planes, trains, and automobiles of three hundred million Americans.

Does Pete lead based on science or data? No. Does he bring in experts to tell him how things work? Unfortunately,

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