Business Lobby: Amnesty Is Good for CEOs and Government

Business Lobby: Amnesty Is Good for CEOs and Government

An amnesty would generate more taxes for the government and more cheap workers for businesses, according to a pitch from a construction executive and various Koch network activists that sidelines the interests of American employees.

Stan Marek, the owner of Marek Brothers, a Houston-based construction firm that has employed many illegal migrants, is pushing the “ID & Tax Proposal” amnesty:

Let’s face it: those 11 million [illegal migrants] are not sitting on their duff. They’re working somewhere. They may be working under a fake Social [Security Number], they may be working as an independent subcontractor, but they’re working and they’ve got skills. A lot of these workers working in the underground economy, used to work for [construction company] people like me. They were let go because of ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] audits or Social Security No Matches, or insurance audits or whatever, and yet they’re 11 to 12 million people

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