Business is booming in this small-town gun shop

Business is booming in this small-town gun shop

NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pennsylvania — Within moments of President Biden using the anniversary of a school shooting to call on Congress to take on new gun restrictions, Nathan Carey’s phone began ringing. The 37-year-old gun shop proprietor said he was fairly certain he knew what triggered it before taking the first call.

“It happens every time a politician mentions gun control,” said Carey, owner of the Bullseye Firearms Gun Vault.

Carey said Biden’s call for congressional action on guns didn’t just increase his already brisk business. Gun owners and nongun owners alike called the shop, asking questions.

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“We didn’t just get calls and foot traffic. We also got a lot of questions. People want to be educated. They want to understand what is happening, why it is happening, and how it will affect their lives and their ability to purchase a gun or ammunition,” explained Carey.

Located on Main Street off old Route 22, Carey’s gun shop business

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