BullPerks Successfully Ended Private Funding Round Raising $1.8M

BullPerks Successfully Ended Private Funding Round Raising $1.8M

BullPerks has successfully completed its private funding round raising $1.8 million. Moreover, Bullperks is the most outstanding Decentralized VC and multi-chain launchpad solution. This project could have huge potential to make a tremendous impact on the crypto industry. It is two in one project that utilizes the same token and the revolutionary tier system.

BullPerks’ dual-pronged methodology takes away the VC-level investing illusion only for early adopters. More so, developing a more level playing field will enable more people into the crypto space.

Notably, there were many investors participating in the funding round. These investors include X21, GD10, Shima Capital, AU21, Alphabit, Genblock, Skynet Trading, Blocksync, Darkpool, Moonwhale, Sora Ventures, Faculty Capital, ThreeM Capital and more.

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The funding round investors have delivered huge interest in the decentralized VC solution. Added to this, the multi-chain launchpad approach by BullPerks will provide composability to the industry. This is something that could not be seen nowadays.

Co-founder Eran Elhanani BullPerks explained that

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