Bruce Ohr Resigns From Justice Department

Bruce Ohr Resigns From Justice Department

Bruce Ohr resigned from the Justice Department late last month after he was informed that a final decision was imminent in an ongoing disciplinary review over his contacts with dossier author Christopher Steele, the Justice Department said.

“Bruce Ohr retired from the Department of Justice on September 30, 2020. As such, he is no longer an employee of the Department,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement.

“Mr. Ohr retired after his counsel was informed that a final decision on a disciplinary review being conducted by Department senior career officials was imminent.”

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Ohr, who was a top official in the deputy attorney general’s office, served as a conduit between the FBI team that investigated the Trump campaign and former British spy Christopher Steele.

Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked as an analyst for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that hired Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign.

CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge first reported that Ohr resigned in a tweet Wednesday.

SCOOP: A person familiar with the matter tells @CBSNews that Bruce Ohr is no longer working at DOJ. He resigned the day before he was going to be terminated

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