British Police Force to Blow 180,000 on 'Diversity' Officers

British Police Force to Blow 180,000 on 'Diversity' Officers

England’s second-largest police force will shell out nearly two hundred thousand pounds per year on ‘woke’ diversity officers whose goal is to foster an environment of ‘inclusiveness’ rather than actually fighting crime.

West Midlands Police have announced that they will be hiring an ‘assistant director of fairness and belonging’ for an annual salary of £74,340.

The same amount of taxpayer money will be spent on an ‘an assistant director of talent and organisational effectiveness’ and an additional £28,725 to hire an ‘engagement and consultation officer’, The Sun reported on Saturday.

In total, the three diversity officers will cost the taxpayer some £180,000 per year.

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A former detective chief superintendent, Kevin Moore told the newspaper: “Some forces are more interested in political correctness.”

West Midlands MP Nicola Richards said: “Last year in West Bromwich we saw some shocking crimes but instead of investing in more police, [Police and Crime Commissioner] David Jamieson

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