Brit Hume Calls Biden's 'Obvious' 'Senility' His Biggest Election Weakness

Brit Hume Calls Biden's 'Obvious' 'Senility' His Biggest Election Weakness

Veteran newsman Brit Hume on Sunday broached the biggest truth Democrats are trying to deny:

Three weeks out from the presidential election, their candidate is a man whose mental capacity stopped being reliable a long time ago.

And while President Donald Trump is clearly facing a challenge in most mainstream media polling, the challenge facing the Biden campaign, is arguably even bigger: Keeping the American public convinced the party’s standard bearer isn’t well on the road to senility.

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Hume made the statement at the end of a “Fox News Sunday” panel discussion, after being asked by host Chris Wallace about the state of the presidential campaign.

Hume’s response acknowledged that Trump might be playing from behind at the moment, but what he followed with could not have been comforting to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, or Americans watching the campaign unfold.

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“I think [Trump] is in

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