Breakthrough in Oklahoma Election Audit. It’s Happening Soon!

Breakthrough in Oklahoma Election Audit. It’s Happening Soon!

It lights my fire when more reports of election audits hit the news wires. It means that even more people are waking up to the fact that what happened in 2020 was an egregious undermining of American democracy. 

Finally, Republicans in Oklahoma are gathering the courage to actually do something about the election fraud that took place more than half a year ago. Better late than never. 

The Fox News outlet in Oklahoma broke the news of Republicans moving to do an independent audit of several counties. 

Oklahoma State Representative Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, announced on Tuesday that he is requesting the State Election Board Secretary call for a ‘forensic and independent audit’ of the 2020 general elections in Oklahoma County and two other random counties in the state.

Finally! A politician over there with a backbone. Rep. Sean Roberts is doing something that many others should have been doing the moment the twisted results came out. 


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