BREAKING: Texas Executive Order Bans State-Mandated Vaccine Passports

BREAKING: Texas Executive Order Bans State-Mandated Vaccine Passports

The Biden administration has been inching closer and closer to issuing vaccine passportsSome unfortunate countries already have such inhumane requirements.  Numerous globalist businesses, like the airline industry, are chomping at the bit to require such unconstitutional things.  Yet, there is no evidence to suggest the new experimental biological agents now being called “novel vaccines for Covid” are even effective.  And, having no FDA approval or fully completed testing, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that these new experimental ‘vaccines’ may actually be quite deleterious to one’s health.

Now, Governor Greg Abbot of Texas has signed an Executive Order banning any state agencies from mandating a vaccine which also affects any private entities that receive public funding.  This is a great start.  However, as we have seen by the transition from President Trump to President* Biden, executive orders are not really long-term solutions.  They can be changed with the stroke of a pen by the next ruler

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