BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Plans to Release Deleted Clinton Emails!

BREAKING: Mike Pompeo Plans to Release Deleted Clinton Emails!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a phenomenal announcement last week regarding a little surprise that we may get right before the election.

He’s planning on being able to get the deleted emails from Hillary Clinton released.

She’s going to be exposed and hopefully other like Biden and even Obama himself will be exposed in these emails. Maybe the law will be revisited and she’ll be arrested this time.

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“We’ve got the emails, we’re getting them out. We’re going to get all this information out so the American people can see it,” Pompeo said during an interview with Fox News’s Dana Perino.

“We’re doing it as fast as we can. I certainly think there’ll be more to see before the election,” he added when pressed about the timing.

Pompeo did not specify exactly which emails he was referring to, though Trump and his allies have long railed against Clinton for keeping official emails with classified information on a personal

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