BREAKING: After Discovery of “Several Major Discrepancies”...Maricopa County, Arizona Auditors Want Ballot Envelope Images, Logs

BREAKING: After Discovery of “Several Major Discrepancies”…Maricopa County, Arizona Auditors Want Ballot Envelope Images, Logs

After the Arizona Senate hearing today (see video below) on the forensic audit, things are at a fever pitch…

Audit teams conducting the forensic audit in Maricopa County said they want more items to complete their review, which has turned up several major discrepancies.

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The audit team announced 74,000 ballots were received and included in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County than were mailed out.

This comes after Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (PICTURED BELOW) said on July 13 that the number of ballots counted in the audit of the 2020 general election differs from the tally by Maricopa County officials and that the discrepancy has prompted the election review team to acquire new machines to recount the ballots.



Arizona Senate President Karen Fann called for an emergency hearing on the Maricopa County election audit. The hearing began at 10:00 am this morning and has concluded, but the entire video

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