BRAND NEW from DISME: Where We Go One, We Go All!

BRAND NEW from DISME: Where We Go One, We Go All!

Ok folks, there is a brand new coin just released from DISME and I absolutely love it.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one is near the top of the list.

The Trump MAGA Lion is up there too, as is the Still My President, which you can see below and which is almost sold out already:

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But now let’s talk about the newest one that I am totally loving!


I love it, and they did an amazing job with the design, don’t you think?

Check it out here….



Some of the earlier coins said “Pence” on the back, but you’ll note that is now removed and it says 45th instead.

Much better!

Also note that all new coins are a limited mintage of 4500.

That means once they’re gone, they’re truly gone!

And as of the writing of this article, only 3,152 are left….and it just launched

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