Bragging Rights Are Key to Retaining Web3 Gamers

Bragging Rights Are Key to Retaining Web3 Gamers

Gamers are competitive beasts. Sure, they play for passion and love for the game, but, deep down, it is victory and glory that they’re really after. Through the creation of online digital identities, modern gamers can play for a completely new type of prize: extensive social clout in their online communities.

This post is part of CoinDesk’s GameFi theme week. Allen Ng is the Co-Founder of OpenSocial Protocol and EVG, one of Asia’s largest Web3 operating groups in consumer products.

Web3 gaming has struggled for various well-documented reasons, most notably in the form of great backlash from the gaming community due to Web3 games being “boring” and “depthless.” With evolving

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