BOYCOTT? Lyft Donates $200K To Help Illegal Immigrants Get FREE Rides!


Rideshare company Lyft is donating 200K to immigrant groups across the country so that illegal aliens can get free rides!

Let that sink in.

The company has the ability to expend money on giving the needy free rides.

But, they’re not using it to help the elderly who can no longer drive.

Not helping veterans.

Not helping the homeless.

Instead, they’re spending thousands of dollars that could go to improving the lives of fellow Americans to give people that are in our country illegally free stuff.

Take a look for yourself at word of this that is being spread on Twitter:

Lyft has donated $200,000 in free rides to help illegal aliens get to and around the United States.

Why doesn’t Lyft give free rides to work for Americans who don’t have a car, or free rides to the VA for homeless Veterans?

— John Catsimatidis Jr (@johncatsjr) July 9, 2019

Lyft donates

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