Box Office Data Prove It Wasn’t Men Who Tanked ‘Birds Of Prey’


Hollywood has yet to learn its lesson that audiences want to be entertained, not lectured. The release of a new movie Friday, “Birds of Prey,” thrust this lesson into the spotlight when the film didn’t do as well as expected — and, of course, men were to blame.

In this latest Warner Bros. release of a DC Comics property, Margot Robbie reprised her popular role of Harley Quinn, the emotionally damaged villainess she originally played in the mess-of-a-film “Suicide Squad.” Despite the blatant fiasco of that film, Robbie was clearly the bright spot, and her character deservedly received her own film. But Robbie deserved better than “Birds of Prey.”

Tracking the film ahead of release, industry experts expected it to do a healthy business, predicting it would earn at least $50 million on the opening weekend. Instead it took in far less, opening with only $33 million. As the studio grappled with what transpired and how this assured hit

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