Both Parties Have A Lot To Learn From The 2020 Election

Both Parties Have A Lot To Learn From The 2020 Election

What does the leader of Britain’s Labour Party have to teach American politicians in the wake of an election? Quite a lot, as it turns out — and no, I don’t mean former Labour leader Neil Kinnock. Indeed, Joe Biden learned far too much from him 33 years ago.

The Labour Party’s recent attempts to rehabilitate its image after four consecutive defeats — and an election wipeout last December under leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn — provide a compelling example for both of America’s main political parties. That is, if the leaders of those parties take heed.

Losses Lead to Lessons — and Listening

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Six weeks ago, addressing the first party conference as Labour leader — and the first conference since the party’s devastating defeat in last December’s election — Keir Starmer pledged both to listen, and to deliver a new approach:

Let’s be blunt. Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves. When you lose an election in a democracy,

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