Boston barber recalls ‘freak accident’ that nearly killed him

Boston barber recalls ‘freak accident’ that nearly killed him

A Boston barber who accidentally stabbed himself told The Post Wednesday that he feels lucky to have survived the “freak accident” by a hair.

Speaking from his bed at Massachusetts General Hospital, Steve Silva, 29 said the accident Friday at the Boston Barber Company in Beacon Hill “happened quick,” as he was working on a customer’s coif.

“When I went around the corner, I slipped and fell,” Silva, of Wilmington, told The Post in an exclusive interview. “Because my shears were around my finger, they were pointed inward and I broke my fall with my hands.”

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Silva, who was gripping 6-and-half-inch professional-grade shears in his right hand, then immediately felt something “weird,” he said.

“I looked down and I saw blood like a geyser spewing out,” Silva recalled. “I looked at my client and I said, ‘I think I just stabbed myself.’”

Silva had open-heart surgery less than an hour after the shears entered his chest cavityCourtesy of Steve

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