BOREING: The Media Rigged The Election

BOREING: The Media Rigged The Election

I don’t know if the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election. That’s for the President’s legal team to prove in court, and I fully support the President pursuing his case to ensure that every legal vote – and only legal votes – are counted.

But what I’m absolutely sure of, and what we don’t need any investigation to prove, is that before the first ballot was ever cast, the legacy media rigged the election for the Democrats.

They did it legally. They did it right out in the open. They even told us they were doing it half the time.

And the worst part is you and me and all the other suckers out there paid them to do it. We’re still paying them to do it. Which is why it’s never going to stop.

They’re convinced we won’t do a damn thing about it, and so far, they’re right.

In 2004, Evan Thomas, then an editor at Newsweek

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