Book Review: American Marxism, By Mark Levin 

Book Review: American Marxism, By Mark Levin 

In 2009, constitutional lawyer and syndicated radio host Mark Levin published Liberty & Tyranny, a runaway bestseller that galvanized the conservative movement. Now, he has published American Marxism, putting a name to  — and tracing the ancestry of — the movement that is sweeping away our rights and freedoms.

As he admits, this is Levin’s longest book, because it is his most comprehensive. The reader is taken through the evolution of the nefarious, anti-democratic ideals that have seized control of America’s institutions and are tearing down society.

Reading the philosophers of totalitarianism of yesteryear — Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx — seems like an exercise in tedium. Yet their reasoning has echoed through time — even if the (in Levin’s phrase) “zombie-like ’woke’ drones” don’t know where their dogma came from. “Ultimately,” Levin writes:

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these arguments for collective identity, collective beliefs, and class consciousness, in support of mass movements, wittingly or otherwise … form the basis not only for peaceful protests but violence, riots, and revolution—of the sort we have

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