Bond set at $500K for ex-cop charged in Rayshard Brooks shooting

Bond set at $500K for ex-cop charged in Rayshard Brooks shooting

A Georgia judge on Tuesday set bond at $500,000 for the ex-Atlanta cop charged in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jane Barwick said she felt that former officer Garrett Rolfe, who was being held without bail, had sufficient ties to the community and was not a flight risk if released on bond.

“The court finds that those ties to the community have been demonstrated to the court’s satisfaction with regard to being not a flight risk,” Barwick said during a lengthy bail hearing.

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“I do not think that he is a danger of posing any significant risk of committing an additional felony pending trial,” the judge added. “I do not believe that he poses a significant risk of intimidating witnesses.”

Senior Assistant District Attorney Clinton Ricker had asked Barwick that Rolfe continue to be held without bail or, at minimum, a $1 million bond with strict conditions.

“We are here asking the court

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