Bombshell Volker Testimony Throws A Wrench In House Dems’ Impeachment Efforts


U.S. diplomat to the Ukraine Kurt Volker’s testimony did not go the way Dems wanted it to. Not at all.

Volker was called as Adam Schiff’s first witness to the potential “impeachable offense” Trump committed on the phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenksy (yes, they’re calling witnesses despite President Trump – without blinking an eye – releasing the full, unredacted transcript of the call), as Dems seemed to hope Volker would testify against the president.

But, instead, Volker vouched for Trump, claiming that foreign leaders “were not pressured” by Trump or anyone in his administration to pursue an investigation against Joe Biden.

Volker stated,

“At no time was I aware of or took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden. As you will see from the extensive text messages I am providing, which convey a sense of real-time dialogue with several different actors, Vice President Biden was never a topic of discussion.”

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