Bomb squad investigates ‘suspicious bag,’ finds it’s crawling with kittens

Bomb squad investigates ‘suspicious bag,’ finds it’s crawling with kittens

It was not the cat-tastrophe they were expecting.

The Ohio bomb squad rushed to investigate a suspicious bag left outside of an Ohio church only to find a half-dozen newborn kittens and their mother, Sprinkles.

“There was a momma cat and her 6 one-day-old babies in a bag,” the Butler County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

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“There was a note left stating ‘Sprinkles’ went into labor yesterday 2/17,” the statement continues.

Both mom and kittens were moved to the Animal Friends Shelter where they were bathed and cared for by the staff.

“Sprinkles, purring throughout it all, received her vaccines and blood test and appears to be in good health. She’s doing a fantastic job nursing and caring for her babies, and all 7 will be placed with their foster family this afternoon,” the shelter reported.

“We will give regular updates on Sprinkles and her kittens as they grow and mature over the next two months.”

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