Bokhari: Fighting the Woke Terror

Bokhari: Fighting the Woke Terror

It should be apparent to anyone paying attention — and even the corporate media can’t hide it anymore — that we are living through an era of revolutionary terror.

Dozens of people have been killed due to the riots that have swept through American cities over the past few months (the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests,” by CNN’s definition).

The victims include retired police sergeant David Dorn, murdered by looters in St. Louis, 19-year old Lorenzo Anderson, killed by militants in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) in Seattle, and, most recently, a member of the pro-Trump Patriot Prayer group during clashes with violent leftists in Portland.

Beyond the murders and street assaults, law-abiding citizens are terrorized with the destruction of their private property. Terrified business owners put up signs in their windows declaring allegiance to the cause, hoping that the rabid mob will spare them. The mob often doesn’t.

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