BoE tackles ‘difficult and pertinent’ questions about digital money

BoE tackles ‘difficult and pertinent’ questions about digital money

The Bank of England is continuing to devote significant resources to researching digital money in both private and public forms. With an eye on both the domestic and international context, the central bank’s latest discussion paper, published June 7, outlines the role and possible developments of both in the ongoing evolution of money.

Commenting on the paper’s publication, BoE governor Andrew Bailey said that “the prospect of stablecoins as a means of payment and the emerging propositions of CBDC have generated a host of issues that central banks, governments, and society as a whole, need to carefully consider and address. It is essential that we ask the difficult and pertinent questions when it comes to the future of these new forms of digital money.”

In the case of stablecoins — i.e., privately issued digital currencies that are designed to maintain parity with the value of various fiat currencies — the BoE paper emphasized that it remains difficult to gauge future demand and

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