Bob Ehrlich: What’s Next for the NeverTrumpers?

Bob Ehrlich: What’s Next for the NeverTrumpers?


Tens of millions of left-leaning Americans (mostly Democrats) disliked (OK, for the most part hated) the Trump era.

The president, his “America First” agenda and his legion of deplorables were their worst nightmare. They accordingly formed a “resistance” that was instrumental in securing Joe Biden’s election. But, truth be told, a majority of these folks were not original Biden fans. They simply chose to close ranks in order to defeat the devil-incarnate Trump.

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This group will be pleased with the Biden/Harris agenda: higher taxes, increased regulation, liberalized immigration, making nice with China and a national mask mandate (to name only a few front-burner promises).

Whether attempts at more heavy-lifting items along the lines of

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