Bob Costas: NBA Social Justice Messaging Alienated Fans

Bob Costas: NBA Social Justice Messaging Alienated Fans

Legendary sports broadcaster Bob Costas recently cited the NBA’s decision to “thrust” social justice messaging “into everyone’s face,” for getting in the way of the business of earning viewers and fans.

In an interview with Outkick, the long-time NBC sportscaster was straightforward about all the social justice messaging and woke displays indulged by the NBA this season. He said all the league’s mania over social justice directly led to a loss of fans.

“It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum,” Costas told OutKick, “it’s just a fact that there is alienation over having this (social justice messaging) thrust in everyone’s face every time you just want to watch a game. I’m not saying that to take a stand; that’s just the reality. This is also a business.”

Indeed, by the time the ratings for last game in the NBA Finals was tallied, it became clear that the

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