Bo Polny’s Private Message To Me: “It Starts!”

Bo Polny’s Private Message To Me: “It Starts!”

Late last week I brought you my most recent interview with Bo Polny.

And I’ve been receiving so many great comments on it, so glad you all are loving it.

Bo set forth a handful of big dates coming up and today was the first one.

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The dates Bo is watching are:

If you listened to the interview, you know that part of what Bo is expecting is a major shakeup in the financial system.

Not just a crash like in 2008, but a total re-haul of the current financial system.

That’s why he called his last message “The World Reborn!”

A totally new system.

Part of that new system is a coming big-boom in silver, according to Polny.

So on the first of the dates he was watching, what have we seen?

Well, Bo just private messaged me and I can’t share the entire message but I can share two things…

The first

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